6 Budget Friendly Bathroom Design & Remodeling Ideas

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Remodeling the bathroom is one of the easiest ways to up the value and function of your home. However, the average cost of a bathroom remodel can be more than $16,000 on average, but with a little creative ingenuity, there are money saving ways you can remodel your bathroom for as little as $1,800. There are a handful of tips that will lower the cost of your bathroom remodel.

1. Skip tile where you can.

Go for water-resistance paint on the walls, linoleum or vinyl flooring, and reduce tile to reduce costs of the remodel.

2. Update fixtures for a big impression.

If you can’t change a lot because of your budget, at least swap out old fixtures for new ones.

3. Reinvent what you can.

Some bathtubs can be relined, some sinks can be refinished, and even certain countertops can get a makeover instead of a replacement.

4. Buy used and save money.

Scour your local classifieds for things like a used vanity, shower enclosure, or tub.

5. Freshen up old tile and fixtures with new grout and caulking.

Just redoing the grout in old tile on walls, floors, or counters works wonders, and so does applying new caulking around your bathroom fixtures.

6. Use paint for a whole new look.

Paint is probably one of the cheapest ways to make a bathroom look totally different. Utilize color to create architectural focus and give the room a new look.
A bathroom remodel doesn’t have to be expensive to be a major difference. Contact JXR Design and Renovations in San Diego for more information.