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If you want the best quality service at the lowest price, while getting the job done on time, there’s no comparison to JXR Design & Renovations’ services. Some of JXR’s experience in creating functional, yet breathtakingly beautiful spaces include:

Home Renovations

JXR Design & Renovations is your one-stop shop for all of your home renovation & remodeling needs. Our kitchen and bath design contractors obtain permits, carry out installation, plumbing, electrical and contracting. Add all of these elements together, and you have a smooth, successfully completed remodel project from beginning to end.

We offer both design and remodeling services to make your kitchen, bathroom or full home remodel functional as well as stunningly beautiful. Our team of experienced designers and craftsmen bring innovation, skill and a deep pride to your project.

As licensed California contractors you can be confident that the end result will be of the highest quality, completed on time and within budget. Our home remodel services cater to your specific needs, anywhere from a simple one-day project to the most complex renovations. We can take a drab older home and turn it into an artistic showpiece.

We specialize in additions, whole house remodeling, room extensions as well as kitchen and bath remodeling. As design and build contractors we use our extensive knowledge and remodeling experience to turn your dreams into a reality.

We understand that planning for a renovation can be frustrating and overwhelming, especially for first-timers. Allow our professionals in both design and construction to make your experience pleasurable. You can always expect top quality renovations services, for your full home, kitchen, bathroom, home office remodel or new room additions delivered on time and within your budget.

JXR’s imaginative design team will enhance each project to be functional as well as attractive. We will make sure each project is finalized with those all-important details and finishing touches, such as gorgeous durable flooring, ideal customized lighting or specialty wall finishes. No detail will go unnoticed or be less than expertly done.


Kitchen Remodeling

Are you looking to transform that old and boring kitchen you’ve had since you moved in? We have years of industry experience in modernizing and renovating all kinds of kitchens with various sizes and designs. Before we even begin to renovate your kitchen, you will meet with one of our professionals to talk about your expectations and requirements, to make sure that what we deliver your exact vision.

Whether you want to construct a brand new kitchen, modernize the existing one or just want to install some new cabinets, we can create the perfect solution for you within your budget. As a reputed construction company, we are completely prepared to execute any kitchen renewal and reconstruction project. We understand that no two jobs are similar, so our professionals handle each renovation project in a unique way, keeping in mind all of your special needs and demands. Our crew from the management team to the engineers works as one, in order to deliver a seamless project from start to finish.


Bathroom Remodeling

You deserve a relaxing space you can come home to and unwind. A newly remodeled bathroom with lavish details can do just that! With our help, you can replace that dated shower/tub combo with a beautiful freestanding one, or upgrade all of your bathroom’s fixtures. All this and much more can be possible thanks to the devoted and qualified bathroom renovators at JXR Design and Renovations. From complete redesigns, to one-day projects, we can do it all!

We will make sure you receive completely customized bathroom redesigning services, in order to provide you with a functional, modern and luxurious bathroom. As professional contractors who care about your end goal in mind, we will recommend the best accessories, kitchen appliances and furnishings to get the biggest bang for your buck. We hold expertise in incorporating our client’s inventive ideas, suggestions and requirements.

We have a team of skilled and creative bathroom renovators who will help you prepare the bathroom reformation budget and in choosing the best design unique to you and your family. Our professionals will help you compare different options, which will guide you to make the appropriate decisions according to your budget and layout. We replace your old fixtures with energy efficient and budget-friendly equipment. This way, your bathroom will become more functional along with its distinct new look with tiles, wall painting and flooring.

Our bathroom renovation services are completely custom-made. We design the renovation plan according to your needs and wishes. Our professionals are proficient enough to deliver high quality renovation services, while saving time and money. One thing that makes us a leader in the construction industry is our reasonable prices. Do you want to give our Bathroom Remodeling Services a try? Contact us for a free price quote.



Room additions are a great option for those who need extra space for renting or to accommodate their growing family without the hassle of moving. A room addition brings extra living space, while also boosting the value of your property. You can create anything from a new story addition, to a guest room or even just an office space. We can also help with additions to your business as well. JXR Design and Renovations is here to assist with all of your room and story addition necessities.

Our crew of experienced professionals enables us to handle all types of projects, regardless of scale and size. We believe that every project we undertake, should feature unmatched services from start to finish. It is our forte to utilize extra space, enhance resale value and upgrade interior decoration to your home or business as per your expectations and within your budget. We take pride in using superior quality materials, while you can rest assured knowing that your project will be in good hands.

JXR Design and Renovations, works with the best local suppliers and skilled experts to give you nothing but excellent workmanship you can depend on. Our professionals will reach out to you personally and visit your home to understand your vision. They will make sure that you get a perfect solution to cater to all of your needs. We want to bring your creative ideas and dreams to life! Contact us today to know more about our custom room addition services and get quote on your project.


Having the right roof installed can make a huge difference to your quality of living at home. At JXR Design and Renovations, we understand the significance of installing high quality and durable roofs. Whether you are looking for roofing services for your home or office, we can deliver the finest solutions at an affordable rate.

We understand what it means to deliver quality services. We are driven by a team of highly experienced and skilled professionals who want to make sure that you get solutions that go beyond your expectations. Customer satisfaction is our main goal for every project, so we want to respect your house as one of your biggest investments and assets.

We aim to offer our customers the finest home improvement and roofing services while maintaining the reputation of providing quality services for which we have created a niche in the market. The right blend of equipment, technology, professionals and techniques can give your home a completely new look.

We understand the roof of your home needs to be safe and secure, as it protects your family and valuables. We, at JXR Design and Renovations, make use of the highest quality materials ensuring strength, and durability to your roof.

We are engaged in offering a wide range of roofing services including roof installation, roof replacement, roof repair and roof maintenance services. Our professionals make sure that your project is done efficiently with as little disruption to your daily routine and comfort as possible. Once your project is completed, we remain available for follow up calls and customer support.


Do you still have carpet or outdated tile? Perhaps you want to add a pet to the family, but you need flooring with easier clean up. We can help you upgrade your flooring and enhance the value to your property. JXR Design and Renovations offers a wide variety of flooring options to choose from. Our experts will assist you in selecting the design, type and color as per the environment and personal requirements of the clients.

Here at JXR Design and Renovations, we specialize in installing and replacing multiple kinds of floorings. We utilize various popular wood species including oak, exotic and many more. We also offer vinyl flooring collections with a diversity of options including tiles, stones, wood appeals and more. We highly recommend this flooring option to our clients as it is stylish and easy to maintain.

Our skilled experts will suggest various designs to you, but we also welcome and respect the ideas of our clients and make every possible effort to implement them. We tend to showcase various physical flooring samples so that our clients can see exactly how the floors will look in their home or office.

Our first priority is to provide quality products to achieve customer satisfaction every time. We make use of innovative techniques and methods so our customers receive high quality projects and long lasting durability. We take pride in maintaining quality of products and excellence in workmanship.

Contact us today to share all your specific needs with us. Our professionals will visit your place to thoroughly check the condition of your home or office. There, our experts will help estimate the price for the overall project. We are looking forward to serving you with the best quality services and professional consultation.

Tenant Improvements

Do you have ideas for your property, but you’re not sure how to do it? Tell us about it and we’ll make it happen. It’s that easy. We work on all types of spaces and properties, from residential to commercial. No matter how small or big it is, we value the importance of an aesthetically pleasing, yet functional space. We provide many design and build services from office, retail and commercial improvements, to tenant improvement project management, to property upgrades to a leasable condition, we can do it all! We can also help with municipal permitting and code compliance as well as plumbing and installation of toilets and other washroom needs.


Did you know that, landlords who undertake leasehold improvements can increase the marketability of their rental space? Leasehold improvements are considered an asset that can be depreciated by the landlord over time. The costs of leasehold improvements may be paid by the owner and be included in the tenant’s monthly rent. We understand that each project has a budget to maintain. We will do our best to work within your budget, without compromising the quality of the materials or affecting the design. Any changes to the budget or design will be approved by you in advance of carrying out the work.


Add a new reception foyer, staff lounges or other expressly dedicated areas, such as consultation booths or dressing rooms. Regardless of the extent of your leasehold improvements project, the skilled and dedicated specialists at JXR can carry out exactly what is needed to make the space the absolute best it can be.

Property Maintenance

JXR also specializes in maintaining multi-unit residential complexes, HOA buildings, residential and commercial spaces of all types. We only employ certified plumbers, electricians, very well trained handymen (& handywomen) to take good care of all of your property’s cosmetic and internal improvements.


JXR Design & Renovations have worked diligently to establish excellent service standards that are unequaled in the industry. Our professionals possess both the knowledge and expertise to get the job done right in the most timely and efficient manner. Our technicians, office staff, and management team consistently strive to deliver not only top-notch service, but also invaluable solutions. The services we provide include enhancing property aesthetics, safety, and functionality while also educating our clients on potential issues before they become problems. We use the latest technology to ensure quick and efficient response times, as well as top quality service. This allows our technicians to receive new service requests and update job statuses in real-time. In turn, our office staff is able to keep our clients informed of their job status at all times.


Contact us for property maintenance services!

Concrete and Pavers

Concrete and Pavers are increasingly popular among many homeowners. If you need a driveway remodel, a new walkway for your guests, or new flooring for your backyard, concrete pavers are the solution. JXR Design and Renovations specializes in concrete pavers by creating molded concrete that is formed into tiles. They are great additions to both your front and back yard, and can provide more usable space to your home.


Concrete pavers are very easy to maintain. Since they are cement, you never need to worry about cleaning them. An occasional sweeping is all you would need to maintain and keep them clean. They are also weather resistant. JXR Design and Renovations installs only the highest quality concrete pavers. You won’t need to worry about slip and falls, because the flooring absorbs excess water. This is great for young children who like to run around outside barefoot.


Our team of professionals will install your concrete pavers so that you can be worry and stress free during the process. The pavers come in a wide range of design selections. We will take the time to help you pick out exactly what you want and what will look great for your home. Contact us today for a free consultation!

Painting (Exterior & Interior)

Have you been considering revamping your home? Do you want to rearrange your set up and upgrade your decor? If your answer is yes, then nothing beats the benefits that come from giving your home a fresh new coat of paint. Exterior and Interior Painting Services offered by JXR Design and Renovations can give your home the new look you’re going for. If you choose the exterior and interior painting services offered by us, then you can be assured to get high quality service. We paint your walls with your vision in mind to enhance the overall look and feel of your home. We give your home a makeover that will make you eager to show off to friends and family.


Our professionals only start painting after carefully analyzing your walls. We, first scrape the loose or peeled paint, and then sand it. We also make sure all surfaces are primed before starting the painting work. We aim to provide smooth finishing touches to the walls so that your home looks new. We also make sure that all other items and belongings of your home are well-covered before starting the painting work.


As we have a team of highly qualified, experienced and expert professionals, we are able to offer the best exterior and interior painting services. We are a reputed contractor and always believe in giving back to our surroundings and community. We always use the best quality, eco-friendly paint that is safe for you, your family and surroundings. So, get on board with us and redefine the look of your home..