Interested in upgrading your space? JXR Designs offers luxury bathroom remodels at affordable and budget-friendly prices. As a main staple of any home, the bathroom should be functional, yet provide a relaxed environment.

As premier renovation and design specialists in the San Diego area, we take pride in offering high-end solutions to any bathroom in your home. Beautiful, but useful bathroom renovations increase value, repurpose space, and adds a new aesthetic. Consider it a total transformation!

Steps Involved in a Bathroom Renovation:

Our team of renovation specialists will assess your space, gather your thoughts and ideas, needs, and evaluate what can be done.

Preliminary Design
Our team will compile the information, factoring in everything discussed to develop an initial design for presentation.

Selection of Materials
We work together to select the best materials for your project to make sure you are getting the bathroom of your dreams. We explain what elements work well with each other, coordinate colors and pull all the details together.

Timeline Development
Once the design is approved, we lay out a timeline and schedule, which includes coordination of schedules and obtaining permits.

Getting to Work
After all the preliminaries, our team is ready to get to work on your bathroom renovation. We work with the intent of causing little to no interruptions to your everyday life. Our team is professional and courteous every step of the way. We clean up our project space prior to leaving your residence, and employ the best technicians to ensure everything is done right and within code.

Once the project is completed, your bathroom will be inspected by our team, and all necessary parties. Every detail is carefully evaluated and given the stamp of approval. Our final task – unveiling your bathroom remodel to ensure there’s a smile on your face.