Imagine stepping into your luxury dream home. That’s what a whole house remodel is like. But what’s involved in the process? Whatever your reason for undertaking a renovation, the process is very similar.

The Home Remodeling Process

  1. It starts with a plan. Why are you looking at a renovation? Whether it’s loud noise from one room or a kitchen that restricts your culinary skills, consider what areas need renovation, what kind of design elements you’d like, the size of the renovation, your budget and future use of the space.
  2. Just contact us. You don’t need to show up with perfect blueprints, just a few ideas we can build on. We’re happy to provide design support to ensure you end up with your dream home, even if you haven’t imagined it yet.
  3. Get ready for demolition. Take the time to move any fragile, bulky or precious items into storage to ensure that they’re not damaged during the work.
  4. Framing and utility time. Once the demolition is complete, new wall framing will take place, followed by any additions or relocations of utilities, such as a gas fireplace, new electrical circuits and fresh plumbing fixtures.
  5. Working the walls and floors. At this point, the crew will start enclosing the renovation with your wall structure and final finish, followed by adding new flooring to your renovation.
  6. Beautiful built-ins and adding appliances. Adding cabinets, bookshelves or vanities? This is the point that they go in, being either created in place or adjusted to fit your space perfectly. Following this, any appliances will be installed.
  7. Finishing touches. Any touch-ups to the paint from the process, tiled backsplashes, light fixtures and other unique touches are added at this time, along with hardware and decor.

If you’re ready to create your dream home while staying within your budget, JXR Design Renovations is your San Diego area renovation specialist. We focus on optimizing value and quality for every project, providing you with the home upgrade you always wanted, on time and within your budget. Contact us today to see how affordable your luxury home can be.