California homeowners are opting for budget friendly kitchen remodels merging the latest designs with technology. Some are looking to increase the value of the home by modernizing the kitchen while others prefer the luxury of leading-edge upgrades. Whether you’re living along the coast, in or near the metropolitan areas or tucked away in hidden valleys of the San Diego area — JXR Design Renovations is ready to help create your vision.

Remodeling trends in the San Diego area include new open floor designs or renovation of delineated space layouts. The key to either concept is identifying your needs without sacrificing functionality or improvements. The goal is to remodel and arrange the kitchen to fit your lifestyle and the home’s design.

Gone are the days of clutter with an abundance of customized cabinetry and storage choices. Choose from an array of stylish kitchen cabinets constructed of rich wood tones, contemporary textures or a splash of color for a touch of modern elegance. Integrated into the counter and tabletops are warm hues of colors and patterns, complementing the allure of the room.

Thanks to technology and advanced engineering, lighting designs do more than just light up the room. Placed in the right location they can change the atmosphere from causal, cozy or candle light settings with the flip of a switch. When it comes to appliances, today’s innovations not only extend the life of equipment in the kitchen remodel, they work with the budget. If you are planning on living in the home or putting it up for sale, consideration appliances that offer efficiency upgrades now and easy replacement down the road.

Your job is to tell us how your family functions around this room. Our job is to make sure the kitchen remodel is crafted with superior quality and workmanship. At JXR Design Renovations, we’re transforming visions into reality by guiding you through the design choices and processes necessary to complete the renovation.

If the kitchen needs to be remodeled and you’re not sure where to start, call our offices for more information at (858) 874-1925 or use the online contact form.