Perhaps your family has grown since you moved in, or maybe you want more space for entertaining guests, working from home, or to cook in your kitchen. There are all kinds of reasons why room additions are a highly advantageous way to renovate your home. Check out some of the most common room additions we offer at JXR Design and Renovations and how they can benefit you and your home.

A Look at Common Room Additions and Renovations

Second Story Conversion or Addition
Attic spaces can be renovated through conversion into functional spaces, and if you don’t have room to build outward, there may be room to build upward with a second story addition. Second story alterations add space, value, and possibilities where changes may not otherwise be possible.

Master Bedroom Addition

Homes that have been around for a while may not have a master bedroom at all, especially since the master bedroom as we know it has only been a common feature for about 25 years. If your home is missing a master suite, let us add comfort and value with a new master bedroom addition that offers more space and function.

Bathroom Addition
Two bedrooms per bathroom is the understood standard in modern home design so the home naturally caters to the number of occupants. If your home does not meet this standard, adding more bathrooms will totally up its value and help all occupants fit into the home better.

Garage Conversion
If your garage is rarely used for its intended purpose, converting into a more usable space is only logical. Whether you want your garage to evolve into a new family room, workout area, or a larger kitchen, it is a possibility.

The Advantages of Room Additions for Your San Diego Home

One room addition ups the value of your home, creates a more functional living space, and can completely modify your home’s appearance. Plus, room additions or home renovations can be much more feasible, and even more affordable, than buying a new house and moving. If you are considering a room addition and would like a free quote, contact us at JXR Design and Renovations in San Diego by phone at (858) 874 1925 or message us through our website.